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Forget word rate—What’s your time worth?

Ediors have done a great job of training us to think in terms of dollars per word…but dollars per hour, not dollars per word, is what’s key for the writer. Continue reading

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Freelancer Psy-Ops: when “getting things done” means getting out of your own way

I love me some technodorktacular lifehackery as much as the next guy. But there comes a time when we realize that the enemy of our productivity is not our tools (or lack thereof). The enemy is us. My little contribution to … Continue reading

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Let’s get it started…

Hello, all, and welcome to Freelancer Hacks, the online home of a panel on freelancer productivity hacks I and colleagues Christopher Mims, John Pavlus, and Amber Dance, will be presenting at ScienceWriters 2010. Over the next few months, we’ll be posting … Continue reading

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Profitable freelancing: Starting a business and keeping it productive

From the description of the panel from the ScienceWriters 2010 schedule: Freelance writers wear many hats: Writer and editor; CEO and employee; treasurer and accountant. Your job: Fill each role as efficiently as possible to maximize time in Writer (read: … Continue reading

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