Thanks for a great session!

I’d just like to thank my fellow hackers for putting together such a great session at ScienceWriters 2010.

When Jeffrey first approached me, I thought, OK, show up and give a talk, no big deal. Had I been thinking about my “productivity,” perhaps I should have thought more about what the project entailed! We worked together throughout the process, putting together this blog, discussing each others’ talks, and of course Christopher put together the great survey. I think this fabulous group dynamic helped us have four talks that complemented each other perfectly while inspiring lots of discussion among the group.

It was a pleasure working with you guys! And thanks to all the attendees who contributed their own questions and tips. I wrote down a few resources I definitely want to check out.

If you missed the session, check out the slidecast:

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3 Responses to Thanks for a great session!

  1. Seconding the motion: Thank you too, Amber, as well as John and Christopher (and the attendees etc), for a tremendous panel! I just wanted to add that the NASW’s write-up of our session is also available, at

  2. Thirding this. I learned so much from all three of you just in the process of putting this session together. And then I learned even more from everyone’s talks!

  3. John Pavlus says:

    I have to disagree. I thought you all royally screwed the pooch up there.

    Btw, today is Opposite Day.

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