Fill out our freelancer survey!

If you’re a freelance science writer, we want to hear from you.

The following survey will only take a few minutes.

Click here to take the freelance science writers survey.

The results, which we’ll reveal on this website and in our ScienceWriters 2010 presentation on Profitable Freelancing, will hopefully afford all of us new insight into how others work and how we might improve.

By the way, we take your privacy very seriously, so this survey is completely anonymous, and the software we’re using – an instance of the open source LimeSurvey – strips all responses of any form of potentially identifying information. In addition, because we’re hosting the survey ourselves, on a machine secured by our sysadmin that is remotely and physically accessible only to him, there’s no chance anyone else will have access to your responses, either. (We don’t even ask for your email address.)


About Christopher Mims

@mims is a tech columnist for the Wall Street Journal
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