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Forget word rate—What’s your time worth?

Ediors have done a great job of training us to think in terms of dollars per word…but dollars per hour, not dollars per word, is what’s key for the writer. Continue reading

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Bundle your attention and find flow with “cells”

I briefly mentioned the “cell” — a longish, mostly uninterrupted block of time in which you focus on one creative objective — in my last post. A couple people have asked me to explain in a bit more detail how … Continue reading

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Do-it-yourself billing with MS Office

Much as we hate to admit it, being a freelancer means being more than mere writers. If we want to be paid, we need to be staff our internal accounts receivable and billing departments, too. Yeah, it’s a pain, but … Continue reading

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Know what your Real Work is. (It’s not answering email.) Act accordingly.

I used to slice and dice my freelance to-do’s into all kinds of abstract categories: writing, researching, pre-production, postproduction, rewriting, dealing with email, tracking invoices, “brand building,” ad infinitum.  I’d try to batch similar tasks across categories, track time on … Continue reading

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